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How it all Began

A pandemic, stickers, and an... ironing board. How DAILIED became the UK's only premium quarterly released modified car magazine.

JDM Royalty in one picture | Photography By: Mark Vaux (@_mammothmedia_)

With the launch of our online news outlet comes our first article, and what would be more fitting than to explain how DAILIED came to be. Something we haven't discussed in great detail before, get ready to hear another one of those 'and then it came to me' stories where most brands enter into existence.

Cast your mind back to the 4th of April 2020. The world was being ravaged by a pandemic and quite frankly, the order of proceedings had been thrown into disarray. Like many people, I soon found myself sat on 80% of my annual pay, pondering what to do next whilst on Furlough.

Binge Netflix? Restart an old hobby? Get drunk?

All sounded immensely appealing but sadly, I'm someone who always needs something to focus on, so something had to be done.

Days and ideas came and went, fragments of my motivation following them out the door each time. Nothing was sparking my interest and I knew I wouldn't be able to see anything through if I wasn't fully encapsulated by the idea.

It was at this point my inner teenager resurfaced. As with the beginning of many future petrol heads, I grew up playing Need for Speed, watching the Fast & Furious franchise,

and reading magazines such as Fast Car, Banzai, and Japanese Performance. It was then starting to click. I already kept up with the modified car world through Instagram and had attended a handful of car shows as a spectator, maybe this was the avenue to go down...

Then it happened. On the 4th of April 2020, whilst standing over the ironing board doing chores to pass the day, I decided that I wanted to create my very own Instagram page, one focussing on cars that were modified yet used everyday.

I discussed the idea with my brother who was back from University and we contemplated names, logos, and branding until one option stood out - DAILIED; for Workhorses with Horsepower.

An initial logo was developed, the page was created, and the journey began.

At this stage, there were no plans to turn DAILIED into a business. It was purely a platform to share and promote modified cars to those who followed the page. Within the first month the page had amassed just shy of 1,000 followers and several members were asking if we sold any products.

With that we went about developing our website and launched our very first product - a logo sticker (original I know).

Slap stickers soon followed and with growing sales and a growing social media platform, the dilemma of how to transform DAILIED into a brand ensued. How could we provide our followers and customers with something...more?

Remembering all the great magazines I used to read as a teen, pinning the posters up on my wall, and being totally car obsessed, it seemed only right to publish my own magazine under the DAILIED branding.

I carried out some research to understand how to format a magazine, find a suitable software for magazine creation, setup the file for print, understand layouts, design and what was needed for the content. All before sourcing a printer to manufacture the finished product.

The first magazine was a hit, selling out in just over 4 weeks!

Another sell out second edition sealed the life of DAILIED Magazine and ever since, the publication has been hell-bent on providing more and more quality content for our readers.

One thing that soon became apparent was that there was a gap in the automotive magazine niche. Unlike with classic car mags, there was no premium produced, substantial, quarterly released publication for the modified and car culture segment of the market. A publication that would be kept rather than read once and as quickly discarded as it was bought.

This is where DAILIED has positioned itself in the market and has reaped its reward.

On Monday of this week, DAILIED turns two years old. A magazine that strives for quality, inclusivity and modified automotive excellence, we have featured some of the very best cars in the modified world right now.

I want to personally thank all of our subscribers, readers, followers and supporters as because of you all, the brand can continue to exist. DAILIED is still growing and is on a journey to become a house-hold name in the automotive world. Soon we will be announcing some very exciting news that will mark a significant milestone in achieving our end goal.

Who said ironing was pointless...?

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