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Match Maker

The Passion Project Creating a Home of Its Very Own.


Jack West | 1998 Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R | @wildwest.s15

Photography Courtesy of: Wrap Capital

Welcome everybody to a very blue, very pearly, and very pretty Nissan Silvia S15. A car that is held in high regard within the car world predominantly for it being a good looking Japanese sports car sitting proudly on Nissan's renowned S - Chassis. The S15's versatility paired with strong performance means you can find them everywhere from the glorious British public roads to the dampened skid pans of the nation's drift circuits. They really are a car that appeals to most petrol-headed individuals.

Jack's example is no different. Lovingly preserved with OEM+ styling, this S15 really is a head turner. Arriving in the UK 7 years ago, the S15 instantly started it's modified journey by being tuned by its current importers - Torque GT - to 360bhp. Shortly after, it was snapped up by a very excited Jack:

"I bought the car back in 2016 after selling my EP3 Type R. My goal was to have a non-FWD turbocharged car that was easier to modify. Torque GT showed me an S15 and I instantly fell in love as it ticked every box; RWD, turbocharged, and a stunning looking car."

After acquiring the Silvia, Jack had everything he was looking for available in his own two hands and beneath his right foot, and with the plan being to modify the car further, it was an exciting time.

"The inspiration for the build was to copy the v-spec GTR additions in the 90's, i.e. rear diffuser, uprated brakes and turbo."

As you can imagine, Jack's build sheet reflects this inspiration as the original boost snail has been swapped-out for a Garrett Gen 2 GTX2871R Turbo. Fitting a bigger turbo means more air is required to prevent the Silvia from suffocating under its own strain and so followed a HKS High Air Flow Air Filter and Greddy Trust Intercooler.

Then to force all of the additional emissions out into the Green Peace convention, the Tomei Titanium Cat-Back Exhaust system is called into action, providing a soothing, raucous soundtrack to the smog inducing power output.

Whilst attention has predominantly been spent on the internals under the bonnet the exterior aesthetic has not gone wanting. A rear fibre glass and carbon fibre moulded diffuser heralding from the S15's Japanese birthplace has been added whilst the entire body has been encased in a colour flip, Caribbean shimmer wrap. As a nice final touch the spoiler, diffuser, and aero vents have been finished in gloss black which contrasts the wrap sensationally. A wrap that whilst sharing its name with a region on a separate continent, compliments the glitzy paintworks renowned in Japanese modified culture of the nineties and early naughties. It appeared that cars of this era sparked Jack's interest in the modified world.

"As most people the first Fast & Furious film got me interested in modifying cars. I also grew up watching my older brother modify his cars such as the Toyota Glanza, Honda Integra Type-R, and even an R32 GTR which was a real inspiration to me!"

Now Jack can say he is the proud owner of his own piece of Japanese automotive history. A head-turning example with the on-road performance to rival that of its present day rivals.

"I rarely drive the car on a daily basis but I'm going to make a big effort this year to visit all of the car shows now the car's finally done."

However, whilst Jack has spent time finalising his creation, the Silvia has spent its time completing its own little mission. A somewhat Japanese match-maker hidden in 1.25 tonnes of metal, wiring, and rubber.

"I actually met my girlfriend down to a passion for the Nissan Silvia. I started talking to her after seeing a post of her importing her own S14 Kouki. We've been together for 2 years, live together, and will be taking the S-Chassis' to car shows together this year!"

From being introduced to the Silvia by the owners who imported it, to then being introduced to his now girlfriend through a very passion for this iconic Japanese sports car, the S15 has definitely left its mark on Jack's life.

An OEM+ example of a Japanese classic that provides enough excitement to the driver as it does to marvelled onlookers. From the exquisite colour-way, to the uprated performance, tasteful styling additions and the introduction of some big stopping blocks to help keep the faith when unleashing all 360bhp.

Jack, we like it!

Spec Sheet:

Power Output:

  • 360bhp

Suspension Setup:

  • Tein Flex Z Coilovers

  • Racehard Camber Arms

Wheels & Tyres:

  • Volk Rays CE28SL

  • 18" x 8.5 Front

  • 18" x 9.5 Rear

  • Yokohama AD08RS Semi Slick Tyres

Performance Modifications:

  • Garrett Gen 2 GTX2871R Turbo

  • Link ECU

  • Greddy Trust Intercooler

  • HKS High Air Flow Air Filter

  • Spitfire Coilpack

  • Deatschwork 740cc Injectors

  • Link Air Temperature Sensor

  • Link Fuel Pressure Sensor

  • Bosh Lambda Sensor

  • Tomei Poncams Cams

  • Blitz Front Pipe

  • Tomei Turbo Elbow

  • Tomei Titanium Cat Back Exhaust System

  • 8-Pot K Sport Big Brake Kit

Exterior Modifications:

  • First Moulding Rear Diffuser Fibreglass / Carbon Fibre from Japan

  • Full Vinyl Wrap from Wrap Capital

Interior Modifications:

  • Toucan Multiscreen

  • Blue Momo 350mm Deep Dish Steering Wheel

  • HBK Boss Kit


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