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The Lounge

The New and Improved VIP Members Area


Owner: @that_bagged_jsw

Photos Courtesy of: @b.wale_media

We all want to feel that VIP treatment. The house specials reserved for certain clientele, the free champagne and complimentary caviar, and the no-expense spared upgrade to the cordoned-off airport lounge. Well, whilst we can't offer you all that, we can offer you something just as good (almost...)

Say hello to our new and improved VIP members area - The Lounge.

In The Lounge, points are traded for rewards which range from 10% off the store to 25% off individual products and even discounts on our subscriptions. On top of this, paying annual subscribers will see periods where points are boosted meaning higher rewards are on offer as part of your exclusive access.

So, how does it work?

Essentially, whenever you make a purchase on our store you will receive points. For every £1 spent, 10 points are accrued within your account.

How can I access and spend my points?

Your points balance can only be accessed and redeemed if you are a site member. Once you login to your account on the website you will be able to see your points balance and redeem your rewards in the 'My Rewards' tab.

When I sign up to be a site member, will I receive points?

Yes. For signing up to be a site member and join The Lounge you will receive 50 points. This will instantly give you access to a reward (psst... it's a big one).

Will pre-existing subscribers receive points for their original subscription?

Yes. With 300 points up for grabs for purchasing one of our annual subscriptions all pre-existing subscribers will have their accounts credited with 300 points.

Will I receive points for renewing my annual subscription?

Yes. You will receive the points balance on offer for subscription purchases when your annual subscription renews.

Will I be missing out if I don't join The Lounge?

Yes. If you shop with us online why wouldn't you want the very best experience on offer? Plus, you'll be saving money and who doesn't love that...

We're already home to the UK's only quarterly modified & car culture magazine which has grown to be the largest of its kind in the UK.

On top of this, we are also home to the world's first comprehensive collection of modified car Trading Cards - our Collectors Cards.

We're always pushing the boundaries and

offering you products that are new & exciting,

and with several new lines in the pipeline, there's never been a better time to join us!


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